Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#11 Road Ragester Monster

As I said before, the illustrations aren't always going to be monsters. They can be human monsters or plays on the actual word.

Today's monster is my inner driver monster.

I almost turned into a Road Ragester today. I left my school because we got out of class early to go to a Best Buy that had Macbook chargers, as mine has finally gone kaputz. The place was about 30 minutes away on a good day. But it's Michigan and it's wintertime...so it added another 20 minutes. Got the charger and kicked around Best Buy. It was attached to a mall and I figured I had 5 hours to kill.

I finally left and it had been snowing hardcore. It took me 2 hours to get back. I haven't done serious driving in the snow in four years, let alone during rush hour in a city. There were really rude people on the road and I was trying my best to contain my rage, I figured it was better to focus my energy on driving.

Barely got back with enough time for dinner. I snarfed some food and ran to my room to test the new charger. It didn't work. 3 hours total of driving time for nothing. PIISSSEDDD. I was worried that since it was a charger for the newer computers and not my crusty laptop (it's only 3 years old and still no major problems!).

Went to class, left early and spent an hour looking for troubleshooting ideas. Turns out if you plug the computer in, then turn it off, pop the battery out, pop it back in, the thing will start charging. Thank you apple for not putting that in your instructions. I'm just glad I don't have to drive out, return the thing then go to the apple store. AND I'm glad I was able to charge my computer so I can upload this bad boy.

So I drew the raging monster inside, because it's better to get it out on paper than at some stupid situation you can't control...like snow and other drivers.

Everything is right in the world.

Also fun fact: Today is 1/11/11 i usually don't get too silly about these things but it's also the 11th monster! SO MANY ONES! AAAHH! so 1111111. baller dude.

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