Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blast from the past

So here's one of my first character's I came up with in 8th grade. Her name was Yuki (you-key...i was a japanime fan). Yuki: Gothchild. Yes, Anime nerd and a goth kid, I was super popular...right....

Anyway, she was kind of a creepy and angry little girl, but I loved her and I drew her on EVERYTHING!

When I brought my old desk back from home, I found this old pencil drying on it. Then I started coloring her in out of boredom. I figured I should post some history of her.

My senior year of high school I kept drawing her differently and I ended up changing her appearance and eventually her name. Almost the same kind of personality. Her name changed to Emilin and if you've seen my other work, you know who that is :) But for those of you who don't, I'll put her picture here.

As you can see, still pasty, still has a dark dress with a weird spirally thing at the end. Emilin usually doesn't have legs visible. Her dress can flex to any shape or size she wanted though.
I eventually got the more "adult" version of Emilin tattooed on my arm during my freshman year of college.
 (oh man, freshman year, my hair was sooo short and a weird brown color)

I love my girly and she's with me always.
There, the history of Yuki/Emilin.

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