Thursday, March 10, 2011

2/7 spring break monsters...

i'm finally back into world of high speed internet. and scanners. not that i used a scanner for these two...
and sadly, i let spring breaky feelings into my system and totally slacked off for an entire week. but never fear, i shall have make up monsters.

First up is Hama! She's one of the 6 mini monsters I made for my senior studio projects. Click here to see more info. A plush doll is currently in the works. Of the 6 she's the sweetest and most snuggliest. This is about the most "precious" type of illustration you'll ever see me do. I almost vomited. 

And here we have ...whatever the hell this deer girl is. Vintage Taxidermy? I don't know. Had the idea on the train ride back and drew it. 

Probably more later. 

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