Monday, April 18, 2011

oh man. we're gettin' close to the end!

Okay, so i did these monsters, but... yeah don't ask why i didn't scan them. i think i'm hitting the senior freak out wall.

seriously, i have 2 more weeks.

Also, today i'll be posting up the 100th monster. woohahahaaaa. that will be after i get out of class though.
 #95 Hurk!
BLURGHH! Seriously i just wanted to draw with my 3 fave pens.
 #96 Laronk!
for my adorable friend Lauren :)
 #97 Squid Girl
She just wants to be friends!
 #98 CCS Finals Monster
All the students look something like this. and we smell worse.
#99 Purple people eater- Om Nom NOM NOM!

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