Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hot N Fresh Monsters #1 and #2

Hello hello! Welcome to Monsters Du Jour, I am your le artiste (insert stereotypical French laughter). This blog will be a collection of daily monsters that I draw, mainly for me, but I guess I can draw a few for you as well.

I went a little crazy doing all digital work last semester (I'm currently a senior at College for Creative Studies), and I didn't do enough fun sketching for me either. Hence this blog, although it might end up making me go crazier (but hey aren't all arty people crazy anyway?).

So here's the down low on this bliggity blog.

1) A monster everyday (unless dead, right arm is hacked off, or just violently ill)
2) 6 x 8 format
3) any medium goes
4) any style goes
5) there will be monsters from my own imagination and/or classic monsters. Suggestions of monsters can be emailed to me! It also won't always be a "monster" it could be a person (Stephanie Meyer I'm looking at you...(she's a monster to literature!)
6) 2 hours maximum are to be spent doing things. The time restriction is there to keep me from procrastinating my homework/job/life stuff anymore than I already do.

Yes, I don't have a limit as to many monsters i'm going to do (like 100 or whatever). I figure, let's do small steps at a time. I'm thinking the first goal is 25 (laugh now but, homework, it seriously sucks all my time).

So here we go with the first two monsters!

I wanted to start this yesterday, but I was at my boyfriend's house for New Year's Day. Already off to a great start (derrh de derrhh). But extra monster for you!

Anyway...The first monster is ME! IN A MONSTER SUIT! HAHAHA YAAAY! Also I have a black eye because I'm bad ass.

No this isn't a cop out to get out of drawing monsters, trust me, I am monster (especially when I have sugar running through my veins!)

Next up is Dracula!! Look at that creeper creep! YAY!

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Drack U. Lah...actually he reminds me of the The Count from Sesame Street.

    How about a leviathan type monster. Or the one that lives down in the ravine that had the long creepy whistle sound

  2. Yeah I kinda realized he looked like the count after i drew him all out. so i guess it's a more badass count.

    you mean the creepy ass bird? i hate that bird. consider it done :)

  3. I will definitely have to support this blog. More kickass monsters!