Monday, January 3, 2011

Monster #3-Owly Spirit

1) I have changed the url to the blog to I got an email from Stefan G Bucher, a desiger that I've admired, who politely informed me a subtitle was encroaching on his trademark of "A Daily Monster". Not exactly the way I wanted to contact him, but the problem was solved swiftly like a ninja in the dark. So now, it's Monster Per Diem. Same meaning, but more Latin now. Hurrah!

Moving on in the agenda...

2) THE PIPIN' HOT MONSTER OF THE DAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! The Owly Spirit. My father requested I draw the "monster" that lives in the ravine by our house that makes a horrifying wailing noise at night. I'm quite familiar with this infamous noise as it scares the crap out of me when I'm taking my dog out for a walk in the pitch dark during the summer. I figured out it's some kind of owl, most likely a screech owl.

So The Owly Spirit, is the spirit of an owl who rules the ethereal world of the fowls. He mournfully wails every time a bird passes on. He also plays a great game of poker.

Baller. See ya tomorrow!

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