Friday, February 18, 2011

#48 and #49

I'm so so sorry for missing yesterday and almost today. I promise to actually color these 2 in tomorrow. TOMORROW IS ALSO NUMBER FIFTY AND THATS HUUUGGEE AND I WILL GO ALL OUT!!!!!!

#48 Sad Anime Slug Girl. 

I'm sick agaaaiiin, and just plain exhausted. I took a nap after class yesterday and ended up sleeping through my night class. And todaaaaay I started watching anime to make myself feel better (it didn't help). So I feel like slug girl today.

#49 Eddie the littlest dragon.

I went to Cranbrook today and saw the dinosaur exhibit. I loved it :). So it's a dragon for today. He's so goofy I love it. I think I might work on him later.

Here's his song that he's singing. I'll sing it for you if you ask nicely.

"I'm sittin' on a pile of gold, yeah I'm sittin' on a pile of gold. You can' touch this pile of gold, oh no no, cuz it's my pile of gold"

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