Saturday, February 19, 2011

#50 Flying Spaghetti Monster

For my Pastafarians, I present, the pasta deity, Flying Spaghetti Monster. To learn what he's all about click {here}.

 I would like everyone to know that a) I hit my second goal of 50 monsters! and b) I now have 20 followers which is pretty awesome (tell your friends!). I have about 80 some more monsters left to draw/days until my graduation. 

Yes, I've missed a few updates here and there, it's still hard to coordinate my crazy work schedule/my winter sickness/job/life, but I always make it up the next day. I'm usually pretty terrible at keeping goals, but so far, so good on this one :)

Thanks for all the support so far, and like I said, I do suggestions so send them my way!

<3 monster girl,

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